Arctic Umiaq Line bases its identity on; mission, vision and some basic values. These pillars are the essential foundation for the daily life that the company creates.

Our mission is to offer customers competitive and attractive ship tickets and good experiences to tourists and local travelers. As tourism develops we aim to partner with public authorities and business organizations in and around Greenland.

Our vision is to strengthen ship passenger transport, which increases the attractiveness and stimulate the demand for travel in Greenland. All in order to ensure our customers the best experience.

Arctic Umiaq Line works from four core values: Commercial logic, mutual problem solving, accessible service and respectful openness.


Commercial logic
At Arctic Umiaq Line, we have a simple and consistent logic for our organization, which enables us to maneuver and compete for customers. We are customer-oriented and cost-conscious. We reach our goals by making decisions based on what is best for the customer, the company and for ourselves – in that order.

Mutual problem solving
Solving problems are a part of our everyday lives. Tasks or problems will not be stored or forgotten, they are solved immediately (if possible). We solve problems best when we work together and do not mind to get up early and go to bed late when required. We create the necessary room for innovation, challenge and exchange, so we get the best out of our colleagues.

Available service
Service is a matter of honor – whether we deliver to a customer or a colleague, we work hard. Our availability is high and we show our attitude – we see the positive even in difficult situations, and we are looking high and low for opportunities to bring people together and celebrate the good service experience.

Respectful openness
We respect and listen to our customers and each other – we are attentive, friendly, accurate and humble towards the people who choose to sail, collaborate or work with us. We trust each other’s intentions. We communicate openly and honestly about its financial and organizational mode and involve the organization widely in solving the problems.