What documents should I bring on the journey?
Your travel document must be brought to Sarfaq Ittuk. At present time there is no legal requirement for ID when boarding. However, you may be asked to show proof of discount: children and senior discounts.

Can we get cabins next to each other?
If the accommodation situation allows it. Contact Information when you board.

Duvets / linen included (cabin / couchettes)?
The cabin is prepared for you with linens and towels.

For guests, who have chosen a couchette, it is common to bring own sleeping bag or blanket. We sell blankets and rent out towels at the Café Sarfaq.

What do I do with my luggage if I stay in a couchette?
There are separate luggage compartments on the ship where luggage can be stored. These are open spaces that can’t be locked. Under most bunks in deck 1 and deck 2, there is room to store your luggage.

Can you lock up your valuables?
Rental safety deposit boxes are located in the Information hall on deck 3. It is possible to charge your mobile / tablet / laptop in the safety deposit box.

Can I watch movies on board?
In each cabin a monitor connected to a movie entertainment system is installed.

The ship has a wireless entertainment system that allows you to watch movies on board on your own smartphone, tablet or laptop. The wireless network is called: SarfaqIttukv. You don’t need a password. Open your browser and go to sarfaqvideo.gl.

Can I bring a pram?
Yes, it is free to bring your pram.

Can I bring a bike?
Yes, it is possible. There is a surcharge on kr. 300. The amount is payable onboard.

Can I bring a kayak?
Yes, it is possible. There is a surcharge on kr. 300. The amount is payable onboard.

Can I buy food onboard?
It is possible to buy food on board in the Café Sarfaq.
It is also possible to buy a meal ticket in connection with the purchase of a ticket for the journey.

May I bring my own food and drinks on board?
You may not bring your own food and drinks on board Sarfaq Ittuk. We refer to the ship’s own café, Café Sarfaq, for the purchase of food and drinks. In the catalogue, you can see our product range and prices in Café Sarfaq.

What do I do if I have some medications that must be kept cool?
Contact Information when boarding.

Can I bring frozen goods?
Unfortunately, no freezer is available on board. However, we offer access to a red thermo box on open deck, aft deck 4. Goods stored in the thermo box is stored at own risk and we recommend marking all items with name and contact information.

Is smoking permitted aboard?
Smoking is only allowed in designated areas on open deck aft deck 4 and deck 5. (This also apply for Electronic cigarettes)

Can I withdraw money aboard Sarfaq Ittuk?
It is possible to withdraw money in Café Sarfaq. It is possible to withdraw money with Akiliut and most credit card.

Can you exchange money board?
It is possible to exchange coins aboard. There is a exchange machine on deck 2

Are pets allowed on board?
Yes, it is possible to bring dogs and cats on board. (The trip may not extend more than 36 hours). Owner must bring a vaccination certificate and an approved carrying case. It costs DKK 300 to bring a dog or cat. Be aware that dogs/cats must be in their crate outside on the deck.

Is there wireless Internet on board?
We offer WiFi on board, either as prepaid and a part of your ticket or as a puchase on board in Café Sarfaq.

What do I do if I get seasick?
It is possible to buy seasickness tablets or Sea-band Café Sarfaq.

May I stay on board during alongside in ports?

When should I be out of the cabin?
The cabins are at your disposal until arrival. Please note that the cleaning staff starts the cleaning 1 hour before arrival.