There are 2 types of accommodations on Sarfaq Ittuk: Cabins & Couchettes.


If you want the best comfort on your journey, you should choose the cabin. All cabins outside cabins and equipped with bathroom and toilet. Cabins can be purchased as one, two, three or four persons cabins.

There is a kettle for coffee and tea, chest of drawers, monitor and with the possibility to watch a selection of movies from our entertainment system. There are towels in the cabins.

Cabins are located on 3 and 4.

The cabins are at your disposal until arrival. Please observe that the cleaning staff starts the cleaning 1 hour before arrival.



The couchettes are grouped in sections of bunk beds up to 8 persons. There is a shared bathroom and toilet in the hallway.

Passengers usually bring their own sleeping bag, but it is possible to buy a blanket when purchasing the ticket online.

Locations are available on deck 1, 2 and 3. The designated place may be without window.