Cinema/Entertainment system

Movies are shown several times during the day in the Cinema lounge aft deck 4.

The ship has a wireless entertainment system that allows you to watch movies on board on your own smart phone, tablet or laptop. The wireless network is called: SarfaqIttukv. You don’t need a password. Open your browser and go to

Inside all cabins are a monitor where you can watch a variaty of movies from our entertainment system.


We offer internet in the aft lounge, and in the Café Sarfaq at a price of DKK 50 per 30 sequential minutes.


There is a playroom for the youngest passengers on deck 2. The playroom is open from 08:00 to 21:00.

 Ships guide

We provide a ships guide in June, July and August. The Ships guide will give lectures in different topics about Greenland and make sightseeing in some of the smaller cities and settelments.

Due to Covid-19, there will be no ship guide in 2021.

Reading corner

In the forward corner in Café Sarfaq we have a variety of magazines and popular board games available free of charge.