Greenlands Arctic Umiaq Line Partners with Hurtigruten Norway to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Greenland

Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway are proud to announce their new partnership to enhance growth and opportunities in Greenland’s tourism industry. Both companies, with a high focus on sustainability, are partnering to develop Arctic Umiaq Line’s unique product for the international market and promote sustainable tourism in Greenland.

“The Greenlandic coastal society is facing a historic shift as new airports makes us a part of the global infrastructure. This presents both an opportunity and some serious challenges”, said Arctic Umiaq Line CEO Jens-Jakob Sandgreen. “With less than 60,000 people spread mainly along the 3,000 kilometers west coast, this is a delicate society that needs a subtle sustainable approach to tourism and business. This partnership will unlock new and remote destinations for locals and tourists, build on a strategy for sustainable tourism and renew welfare opportunities for Greenland while staying true to the core purpose of being a reliable alternative for local passenger transport”.

“Our cooperation with Arctic Umiaq Line is an exciting opportunity for Hurtigruten Norway, and a chance to promote our shared view that travel and tourism should be a force for good,” said Hurtigruten Norway CEO Hedda Felin. “By combining our own experience with Arctic Umiaq Line’s unique offerings, we aim to develop the most sustainable and unique tourism product in Greenland.”

The partnership agreement between Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway marks the start of a new chapter for both companies, holding immense potential for expanded cooperation in the future. Further details regarding the collaboration’s contents will be unveiled towards the end of August.

Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway share the same operating model where you travel slowly and experience a unique coast together with local passengers.

Arctic Umiaq Line, with roots dating back to 1774, has been a lifeline for the entire western coast of Greenland, transporting passengers and goods between ports from Narsaq in the south to Ilulissat in the north.

Hurtigruten Norway, with a rich 130-year history, connects local communities along the Norwegian coast, catering to local passengers, freight, and tourists, fostering profound cultural connections from Bergen to Kirkenes.

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