Arctic Umiaq Line introduces suites in Sarfaq Ittuk

We are delighted to introduce two suite types to our coastal ship Sarfaq Ittuk. The suites are open for bookings from December 12, 2022, and available from March 24, 2023, once the refurb of the Sarfaq Ittuk ship is completed. Please note that the suites are only available on overnight trips, and not on day trips.

2 x Umiaq Junior Suite

We are introducing two Umiaq Junior Suites that has the same size as a standard 4-person cabin with a private bath, but with a queen-size bed, luggage storage, a desk, chairs, TV, Apple TV, HDMI-cable, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast onboard included.

The price of a Umiaq Junior Suite is 1.000 DKK higher than a standard 4-person cabin, with 1-2 passengers and each passenger can bring 60 kg. of luggage.

1 x Igloo Suite

We are introducing one Igloo Suite that has the size of two standard cabins with a large private bath. The large suite has a king-size walkaround bed, luggage storage, a large desk, chairs, TV, Apple TV, HDMI cable, free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner onboard included.

The price of an Igloo Suite is 2.000 DKK higher than a standard 4-person cabin at 1 passenger, and 3.000 DKK higher at 2 passengers, and each passenger can bring 90 kg. of luggage.

Early access to the future

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Our CEO, Jens-Jakob Sandgreen, says the following about the first suites: “Our suites will give Arctic Umiaq Line early access to the future and preview of new international customer segments that would ask for renewed ways of operating and communicating. A close daily relation to the new era of travels in Greenland from the new airports will not only help us adapt and design the customer experience but also help us better connect with local tourism operators and businesses along the coast of Greenland.”

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