Discover the Authentic Beauty of Greenland’s West Coast: A Unique Encounter with Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway

Photo: Visit Greenland A/S

Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway proudly unveil an extraordinary collaboration that beckons travelers to delve into the genuine essence of Greenland’s untouched west coast. The partnership presents an exclusive opportunity for authenticity-seeking, adventurous guests to embark on a journey that promises a genuine experience beyond the ordinary.

Guided by a shared commitment to responsible and sustainable travel, Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway have merged their expertise to curate a voyage that offers far more than traditional tourism.

With three distinct voyages to choose from, each promises a rare chance to explore Greenland’s western coastline aboard the MS Sarfaq Ittuk.

Arctic Umiaq Line CEO, Jens-Jakob Sandgreen, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We take immense pride in our collaboration with Hurtigruten Norway. While steadfastly serving our local communities, Arctic Umiaq Line is taking the lead in cultivating a sustainable Greenlandic tourism industry that not only welcomes international guests but also ensures meaningful local value creation with excursions, on-shore overnights, and on-shore meals through local small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Elevating Genuine Encounters

With a legacy of serving remote Arctic communities, Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway are pioneers in promoting responsible travel and tourism.

As three new airports, including two international ones, are poised to open on Greenland’s west coast between 2024 and 2025, an unprecedented opportunity for authentic exploration is emerging, allowing guests to forge a profound connection with this captivating region.

Hedda Felin, CEO of Hurtigruten Norway, emphasized, “Our extensive experience in coastal cruising along distinctive shorelines positions us to safeguard the coasts and the people inhabiting them, all while crafting unparalleled experiences for our guests. Through our expansive global network, we aspire to introduce more individuals to the treasures of Greenland’s west coast.”

Immersing in the Essence of Greenland

The voyages are not just about visiting destinations, but about immersing in the rhythms of life along Greenland’s west coast. With no roads connecting the settlements, Arctic Umiaq Line has been a lifeline for 250 years. Through three immersive voyages, guests will sail alongside local Greenlandic passengers and an English-speaking guide, gaining an intimate understanding of remote community life and coastal culture.

“Our sailings are as much about the people you meet as the sights you see. These are authentic sailings where nine out of ten of Arctic Umiaq Line’s annual passengers are native Greenlanders,” shared Jens-Jakob Sandgreen.

Voyages Like No Others

Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway collaborate to offer three unforgettable itineraries:

  • The Greenland Voyage: The 14-night Full Greenland Voyage is the definitive experience of Greenland’s west coast, used by local Greenlanders to sail to both southern and northern Greenland. International flights with transfers to and from Nuuk airport
  • North Greenland Voyage: The 8-night North Greenland Voyage travels from the capital Nuuk up to Uummannaq island through the Eternity Fjord and visits UNESCO-listed Ilulissat ice fjord in Disko Bay.
  • South Greenland Voyage: The 6-night South Greenland Voyage starts with a night glamping in the fjords of Nuuk at Camp Kangiusaq, then an overnight in UNESCO-listed Igaliku, and onto Qaqortoq.

An Exclusive 2024 Opportunity

For an extraordinary 2024 adventure, booking an Arctic Umiaq Line Junior Suite by November 1, 2023, for select voyages between June and October 2024 offers guests substantial savings of up to 9,600 Danish Kroner per person.

About Arctic Umiaq Line and Hurtigruten Norway

  • Arctic Umiaq Line, a venerable maritime legacy tracing back to 1774, has been instrumental in connecting Greenland’s western coast, ensuring passengers and goods traverse the distance from Narsaq in the south to Ilulissat in the north.
  • Hurtigruten Norway, with an impressive 130-year history, has forged profound cultural bonds by serving local communities along Norway’s captivating coastline, extending along Norway’s captivating coastline from Bergen to Kirkenes.